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Flying Starlings
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Owner Founder, Amanda Deane, has been loving enchanted, storybook Wonder since her youth. She broke barriers with a branded feminine & Fairy Tale vintage clothing line, C. 2011, unheard of at the time. She has gotten the attention of Vogue, and many other Print & Fashion magazines, as not just a vintage clothing shop, but also photographer. Today, AMnada continueS breaking the mold by bringING her extraordinary fairy tale world to children and families with playful, interactive events and boutique. She believeS in beautiful materials, moments, and memories…

flying Starlings Fairy Tale event

wHAT you can expect

Join Our Knight & Queen 👸🤴
Castle Ruins, Games in Gold, Custom Vintage gowns, Elegant Tents, Luxury Fabrics, Crystal Chandeliers...

Mini Golf | Toss Games | Giant Cards |

📣 LIFE SIZE Flying Starlings Boardgame
👑 Royal Tea Party - FREE tea cup
⚔️ Fun Knight Training Class w props
🏰 Play Dress Up in vintage, tulle gowns, capes and more
🗡 Knighting Ceremony
📜 Hilarious Interactive Story Time
⚜️ Shaded tent for parents.⚜️

SHOP. All items CUSTOM MADE especially for or by Flying Starlings. Made | Designed by Fluying Starlings or Local Artist. We use natural materials, Authentic Vintage Fabrics when ever possible. check out some our products



- Rentals

- Private Events, Corporate | Business Family Days, Etc. customized to your needs. help bring traffic | Stand out. Additional options like face painting, pony rides, music and more.

- Boutique and Specialty shop wholesale | Discount Prices.


“WHAT WE DO: We think of Flying Starlings as the kind of éclat event that kids and adults alike will love and cherish. To us, hospitality, honor and kindness is mixed with creative art and imaginative play under the umbrella of a glamorous fairy tale celebration! We are about creating a personal experience for families to remember for years to come. We carve out a breath- taking fairy tale event with high quality DIY Costumier Art, Play, and one-of-a-kind hand detailed retail pieces of distinguished elegance for both young and old alike”

About Flying StarlingS

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Flying Starlings video- w Founder Amanda Deane



Amanda began her fairy tale enchantment in 2011 via Salvato Collection through her brand of curated vintage and dreamy fashion photography. Her photography and clothing has been seen in numerous editorial, fashion and home magazines from Tea Time to Vogue and online from BuzzFeed to voted a top vintage clothing shop, a few years in a row, in Luck Magazine Online. Amanda created a unique brand of vintage frills and thrills that was ahead of her time.

Moving ahead to 2016, tucked away in a quiet New England town, Amanda began teaching little groups, churches, CoOps, private classes, etc of children on how to make beautiful costumier art. The smiles and thank you letters grew. Amanda teamed up with her husband, Shawn, to grow another company that would open the storybook draw bridge to Flying Starlings. They carve out a breath- taking fairy tale event with high quality DIY Costumier Art, Play, and one-of-a-kind hand-detailed retail pieces.

Today, hundreds of children and families are able to experience hand assembled and personally dreamed up costumier art, gifts, atmospher and design. Flying Starlings is its own fairy tale land where everyone can be a citizen who engages, dreams, creates, enjoys, laughs and plays. We believe in the power of celebrating an ordinary day with something extraordinary. #DIYDragonSlayers

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